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Homeowner Resources

Understanding how to protect the quality of the air and water in your home is the key to making your home a healthy environment for you and your family. Enersolv offers several services to homeowners including mold testing and remediation. For more information about the air and water quality services that are available, contact us at 256-350-0846 or by e-mail.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports
Links to local information about the quality of local, regional and national drinking water sources can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency web site.

Indoor Air Pollution Information
Information about mold, radon, carbon dioxide and other indoor air pollutants can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency web site.

What You Should Know About Mold

Why should I be concerned about mold?
In nature, molds help breakdown dead organic material. However, the same mold indoors can have devastating effects not only to your health, but also to the structure of your home.

What causes mold to grow?
Molds love water. In fact, they have to have some kind of moisture in order for them to live and multiply. That is why mold is a major concern in water-damaged homes following floods, but it is does not take a significant amount of water damage to put a home in danger.

Common sources of indoor moisture include:
 - Flooding
 - Roof Leaks
 - Plumbing Leaks
 - Overflow from Sinks or Sewers
 - Damp Basement or Crawlspaces
 - High indoor humidity

How do I know my house is in danger?
Look for signs such as warped walls or discolored walls and ceilings. Check to make sure that your gutters are properly cleaned-out and are functioning properly to keep water away from your foundation. Also, watch for condensation build-up on widows, walls or pipes, as this may be sign of high humidity in your home. Remember that mold is sometimes hidden and extra caution needs to be taken when investigating potential areas of mold growth.

Can I prevent it?
If you do find water damage, work quickly to eliminate the source of the water and dry the area as soon as you can. Most mold growth can be prevented if the area is dried within 24-48 hours after the leak or spill occurs. Other ways you can prevent mold is to use an exhaust fan when showering, increase the temperature of the air and use insulation on cold water pipes. Though you will not be able to completely rid your home of all mold and mold spores, taking preventative actions to control moisture problems will decrease the chance of mold growth.

If I have it, can I clean it?
Exposing yourself to mold is dangerous. Protective garments such as N-95 respirator, gloves and goggles are a must when attempting to clean moldy areas. Affected areas should be scrubbed with detergent and water and dried completely. Bleach is not a recommended remedy for mold.

For more information about mold, click here to visit the Environmental Protection Agency web site.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, call us for an assessment and to get a recommendation for remediation options. If left unchecked, mold can be a source of many health and comfort problems and can cause structural damage to your home.

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